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Making sure the people in your business go home safely, everyday

Tennyson Suite is a specialist health & safety consultancy and CDM Co-ordinator offering advice and implementation to professional service businesses, Councils and major contractors. Highly accredited and well regarded in the industry, our goal is simply to ensure that the people in your business go home safely.

Working together in safety, we are a true business partner to our clients with many retaining us to manage all Health and Safety related assignments on their behalf. In addition to our consultancy services, we share our knowledge through events, training courses and seminars on topical subjects and legislative changes.

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Latest News Entries

CDM Seminar Programme
Tennyson Suite has been invited to deliver a new series of seminars to help those in the industry to understand the new CDM legislation. Our workshop programme will explore the new rules in a practical context and explain how the changes are ....
No grace period for CDM 2015 from 6th April
CDM 2015 regulations come into force from 6th April this year and Tennyson Suite is warning its clients that there will be no grace period.

When new regulations and legislation come into force it is very rare to see a grace period, especia....
CDM Regulations 2015 - What are they?
CDM Regulations 2015 - What are they?
The construction industry remains one of the highest risk sectors in which to work - with unacceptable safety standards, particularly on smaller sites. The CDM (Construction Design Management) Regulations, which come into force in April 2015, aim to....
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