HSE closes in on CDM 2015

HSE closes in on CDM 2015

Posted on: 29/05/2015

You may have seen our comments about the likelihood of the HSE pulling up people not complying with CDM 2015 and setting precedents as soon possible. But we think it's going to go further than this.

If you're looking for a plumber, you go where the plumbers hang out.By the same reasoning, if you're looking for people not complying with CDM 2015, you go where they hang out.

So one way of checking up is to follow the trade vans; knock on doors where there is a liveried van in the driveway; turn up at construction sites..

But what if you looked at it from another angle? The people who know about CDM 2015 are the tradesmen; the construction companies. The people who don't know are the commissioners of the projects: the householders...

So, where do householders wanting extensions and loft conversions hang out? Council planning departments, perhaps? Where better to find a ready-made list of projects with contact details and timescales?

It's an uneasy thought, don't you think?