CDM-C and Principal Designer

CDM Co-ordination and Principal Designer

April 2015, the role of CDM-C changed. The new rules mean less projects will be notifiable and the role of the CDM Co-ordinator will no longer be required.

The duties of the CDM Co-ordinator however have not been removed, but re-assigned to the newly created role of the Principal Designer.

The Principal Designer's role is not to design, however to ensure that the health and safety of all persons likely to be affected by the design, are not put at risk during the life-cycle of the product or structure.

The role change will likely see a proliferation of Principal Designers hit the market, many without the background and experience required to provide you with the correct level of guidance.

Here at Tennyson suite we have been acting as CDM Co-ordinators on major projects for many years and have an experienced, skilled and, most importantly, appropriately accredited team of consultants ready to assist you in understanding and implementing the new legislation.

Like all aspects of health and safety, if approached correctly the new regulations should not be feared or feel onerous and we have been working with existing clients since mid-2014, to educate them on the changes and consider how they need to adapt their working practices to conform to the new CDM Regulations 2015. We have also been providing training courses to larger firms with in-house health and safety teams and consulting PLCs and Government departments on the impacts of the new legislation.

If you need a Principal Designer because legislation now requires it for your project or you are considering using the changes as an opportunity to start outsourcing the oversight work, please contact us - we would be delighted to help.

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