Display Screen Equipment

Display Screen Equipment

In an ever changing commercial world driven by new technology, longer hours and shared workspaces, assessing the positioning and use of displays and screens is no longer a simple task.

With the typical workplace now utilising a range of devices and the concept of hot desks and work from home now commonplace, it can be hard for employers to determine whether their staff are appropriately set up to avoid stress or injury as a result of using computer or display equipment. It has become extremely rare to find a company whereby all their staff work at a traditional workstation maintain regular working patterns and use a desktop PC.

Today, our work centres on developing best practice guidelines for companies based on their own unique set of conditions and circumstances and the working methods of their staff. This takes into account the type of work being carried out, where the work is likely to be carried out, likely working hours and the range of devices used in day-to-day activities.

To develop a flexible policy and method of assessment that reflects your particular business, contact us today.

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