Health and Safety in Education

With a diverse range of activities and ages on each site and the added complexity of dealing with children and vulnerable young people, managing health and safety in education requires a very unique set of skills, knowledge and expertise.

Every establishment is different and rarely can the same policy be applied across multiple sites. Until the turn of the century the education sector was dominated by the buildings it inhabited - old, mainly Victorian with a myriad of risks and issues associated with it. Advancement in facilities in recent years has reduced the issues but the daily flow of people and types of activities still remain.

We have worked with a range of education providers in recent years including location education authorities (LEAs), Academy trusts and further and higher institutions and so we understand the full spectrum of the education sector and the key differences associated with each stage of the learning journey.

Here at Tennyson Suite we offer a range of consultancy and services tailored to the education sector, most notably:

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