Entertainment Venue Health and Safety

Temporary and permanent entertainment venues, from exhibitions to live indoor or outdoor gigs, tend to have a unique set of health and safety requirements from the planning and build up phase right through the attendant crowds to the dismantling and breakdown period in the days following.

Traffics plans, site safety and construction phase health and safety plans are all required for most major entertainment events and exhibitions and will typically form part of the contract with the venue or event organiser.

At Tennyson Suite we work with event organisers, attendees and venues alike to help them plan, execute and maintain a safe environment for workers, contractors and the public. We take a pragmatic approach to venue safety and understand that the venue itself, typically has two types of risk associated with it.

  1. Those which are permanent and ever present and
  2. Those which occur as a result of the activity taking place

So rather than have to asses all of these every time, we work with the venue to deliver a consistent approach to the permanent risks and then flex this to reflect the activity or event being planned.

By working in this manner we can not only make health and safety a more efficient process but also advise exhibitors and event organisers on the likely risks associated with their particular event, making their lives easier.

So whether you manage a venue or regularly exhibit or organise events, we can assist with a range of practical consultancy including:



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