Evacuation Plans

Evacuation Plans

Identifying and detailing how to safely evacuate staff, visitors, guests, contractors or paying audiences from a building, site or venue will form part of your general and fire risk assessments and may be an obligation of your insurance. In respect of venue, an evacuation plan will be required to gain a licence.

Evacuation plans may seem obvious but they are about more than just identifying a safe route to exit. An evacuation plan needs to consider multiple scenarios and plan effectively for each. Coupling these scenarios with the magnitude of the scale of the potential incident and the volume of people involved, will also have a bearing over the efficiency of the evacuation process.

At Tennyson Suite we have developed evacuation plans for buildings large and small and for high risk, secure sites with complicated access rules. This experience means we have an intrinsic awareness of the risks and impediments posed by different sites and evacuation routes so we know what to look for.

For an informed look at your evacuation procedures, contact us today.


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