Facilities Management

Facilities Management Health and Safety

Facilities management teams are at the forefront of health and safety and we work with FM companies of all sizes to provide their policy, training, assessment and audit functions or to guide and support in house H&S teams.

With the range of services delivered by FM companies covering major construction to every day maintenance, the health and safety needs of a typical FM operator varies greatly. It is because of this variance that our FM clients chose to outsource most of the project based health and safety consultancy to us. To maintain the up to date skills and knowledge required to ensure every project is handled correctly can be costly and time consuming and so our client rely on our experience and industry expertise.

We have also worked with our FM clients to provide template policies with localised guidance and procedures where they manage multiple sites for the same company e.g. serviced offices.

Here at Tennyson Suite we offer a range of consultancy and services tailored to the FM industry:

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