Fire Risk Assessment

Fire Risk Assessment

If your business has 5 or more employees or you are responsible for commercial premises or venues that regularly draw in members of the public or corporate groups, you must carry out, record in writing, and maintain a fire risk assessment. A fire risk assessment identifies the potential for a fire incident and details how you would deal with such an issue and keep people safe.

Like all risk assessments, your fire risk can change over time or due to a change in circumstances and so regular auditing is required to ensure you remain compliant with fire safety regulations and can take appropriate action in the event of a fire.

A fire risk assessment forms part of your wider responsibilities to protect staff and visitors to your premises and is normally written in conjunction with your overall risk assessment and an evacuation plan.

Our experience in assessing fire risk has been developed by working with businesses and venues seeking to avoid an incident but also, importantly, through reviewing scenarios and cases whereby a fire has occurred and investigation been required. This practical experience is crucial as it brings an element of reality to what is often otherwise probability based risk management.

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