Fire Safety

Fire Safety

Fire safety advice differs to a fire risk assessment as it specifically looks at the measures you can take around your business or premises to keep people safe. The fire safety measures identified would form part of your risk assessment but are primarily practical steps you can take to help raise an alarm, ensure you can evacuate the buildings or site and lead people safely to a point of refuge, deal with isolated incidents and monitor who was present at the time of the incident.

Your fire safety records will also include details of regular tests carried out such as servicing of alarms and firefighting equipment, drills and evacuation tests and reviews of signage.

Either as a retained business partner or simply at regular intervals we will work with you to review your fire safety measures and help implement practical solutions to ensure you are meeting minimum standards for business premises and protecting staff or visitors to your site.

For more information or to book a review of your fire safety, please contact us today.

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Fire Safety

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