Health & Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy

Maintaining a safe workplace or working environment is an obligation that every member of staff should understand and commit to as they go about their usual activities.

A clearly written policy which forms part of the company handbook and is therefore a prerequisite to employment in your business, ensures that every member of your team takes responsibility for his or her actions and is aware of your overarching commitment to the well-being of everyone in your premises - be those staff, business partners, contractors or clients.

A health and safety policy does not need to be onerous and in most cases the more concise policies are more relevant to the people asked to adopt them, but they should reflect your location, the types of work being undertaken and most importantly not be open to interpretation or the assumption that common sense will prevail.

Once created, the policy should be available to all staff and should form the backbone of the company training regime by helping to identify risks and provide appropriate training to mitigate that risk and educate staff in correct procedures or practices.

The policy should also be reviewed, regularly, so it remains current and relevant. An out of date or irrelevant policy is as bad as no policy at all and the presence of ' a policy' is not sufficient defence in the event of an issue.

For impartial and experienced help in creating or reviewing your health and safety policy, contact Tennyson Suite today.

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