Logistics Health and Safety Management

By the very nature of the logistics industry, there are ever present and inherent risks associated with health and safety. However in our experience, this industry continues to become safer as the technology used in vehicles, loading and unloading and traffic management software continuously improves.

That is why we have developed flexible and responsive approach to health and safety for hauliers, bulk carriers and distribution based firms regularly involved in logistics. Like our approach in many other sectors we take a sensible view of the everyday risks that apply to regular operations and then consider the transient risks posed by the individual’s jobs, projects of loads being managed through the system. A distribution centre, warehouse, lorry, site and loading process are consistent - it is often down to location that the level of risk changes or is affected.

We reflect this in our work, providing a base line health and safety strategy which is then adapted to suit the job, location or work being undertaken.

We have a long history of partnership working with key people such as County Council highway teams, the Highways Agency, major construction firms and the haulage industry to deliver proactive health and safety planning services including:

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