Method Statements

Method Statements

Method statements provide a clearly defined execution of a particular process or activity and are written in conjunction with health and safety plans and risk assessments, to ensure work is carried out in the safest and most risk free manner possible.

By planning the activity or process before actually commencing it, it allows the opportunity to walk through the various stages or milestones, and therefore forecast or anticipate where likely issues or risks may appear. Suitable mitigation measures can then be sought, or in certain circumstances and where the method permits, alternative ways of working introduced.

Our clients find that using our consultants to produce method statements offers an objective perspective and avoids the risks posed by repetitive or habitual behaviour.

Over the years our method statements have moved bridges, dismantled harbours, built cranes, moved explosives and been instrumental in major commercial developments around the UK.

If your project needs an objective perspective, contact Tennyson Suite today.

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