Occupational Health Assessment

Occupational Health Assessment

In an increasingly technological world, with growing workforces and with disabilities becoming less life limiting, giving more people the ability to work, the need to assess the workplace to ensure the working environment is as accessible as possible has never been greater.

Occupational health assessment is about understanding the purpose and function of the role, the tools and machinery in use and then ensuring that the operator or member of staff assigned to that role or task is given the correct equipment to complete the job/task safely and efficiently.

From standard office furniture and PPE to general access to the shop floor or workspace, every aspect of the building and environment needs to be taken into consideration. Many elements will be the same across all roles or the entire business and so we tend to identify those but really focus on the specific aspects related to a particular role or task and consider how issues can be overcome.

Occupational health assessments can also help feed into person specifications for new roles and justify why certain roles do have an ultimate limitation on the person - not to avoid litigation but to ensure that health and safety of staff is paramount to your operation.

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