The Statutory Role and Duty of the Principal Designer

Tennyson Suite directly employees trained and competent health and safety and fire safety professionals who together, join in partnership with the client and their appointed pre-construction team, to ensure that the design of buildings and structures meets with health and safety, building control and fire safety compliance.

Acknowledging, embracing, and adopting the latest editions of statutory instruments, approved documents, industry standards and engineered solutions, clients formally appoint the Tennyson Suite Team to take on the legal duty of the Principal Designer.

Clients benefit from appointing the Team at Tennyson Suite who ensure that their projects from conception to the point of construction are properly assessed in terms of risk during construction, in use, and during maintenance, providing the communication and co-ordination channels throughout the design stage.

Using our bespoke 7-stage to CDM, will enable our customers to dovetail the requirements of the CDM regulations into their project process maps, with live feedback.

If you are looking to appoint a Principal Designer, please contact us today.

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