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Tennyson Suite employs a dedicated team of Health and Safety Advisers, Fire Engineers, Surveyors and Assessors who collectively assist our clients to improve the quality of life for everyone using and creating the built environment.

Supported by in-house Design Technicians, Building Technologists and AutoCAD personnel, we provide innovative and pragmatic solutions to complex challenges faced by the construction industry today.

Growing enterprise

As of December 2021, the Company is 25 strong, each team member bringing their own specialism and subject matter expertise into the business for the benefit of our continued professional development, and our diverse clients’ needs.

Where we operate

Tennyson Suite’s diverse range of service provision, including CDM Advice, Principal Designer Duties, External Wall Surveys and EWS1 Forms, Compartment and Fire Door Surveys, takes our fire assessors, health and safety advisers, chartered surveyors, and chartered fire engineers UK wide.

Legal standing

Tennyson Suite Limited is a wholly owned family business started out in 2007. The founder’s aspiration is to bring a passionate team together, under one roof, and equip those individuals with the right expertise and competence through training and knowledge, to provide our clients with the advice they need with integrity, care, and the utmost quality.

Company Registration

Registered in England and Wales – Company No 6309956
Registered Office: Unit Y, Rich Industrial Estate, Avis Way, Newhaven, England. BN9 0DU

Strategic Priorities

Our people

We ensure that we provide a healthy and supportive environment in which our employees can thrive, because the owners of the business recognise that attracting and retaining good people is fundamental to the success of the business.

Good health and well-being of our employees is one of the primary core values of the business and we endeavour to achieve this by providing each member of our team with private medical insurance, relative life cover, and continued personal wellness by providing them with membership to our office-based Fitness Suite.

Our position on education and skills

Improving the education and up-skilling of our employees is crucial for ensuring that Tennyson Suite provides the most up-to-date and innovative solutions to the increasing complex challenges faced by our clients who are creating and using the built environment. We embrace quality external training programmes provided by industry leading suppliers, as well as developing our own internal courses.

Tennyson Suite is an approved CITB training provider, who provide a wide range of accredited construction safety related courses to our clients.

Our customers

We are very proud, honoured and privileged to have such fantastic clients and we thank them all for including Tennyson Suite as their partner in their projects. Our ethos and values we share ensures that we provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time. Our team put our customers at the core of our service provision to them.

Our ethics

Ethical behaviour of our individuals dovetailed with the ethics of our organisation are central to our professionalism. We recognise that those who we do business with benefit when our service provision is completed with respect and fairness towards all stakeholders in every project and throughout our supply chains.

Our policy on equality, diversity, and inclusion

We strongly believe that the benefit of a diverse workforce ensures that the widest range of ideas in innovation, problem solving and service delivery, are explored and this makes our business more representative of our customers, and the wider society.

We currently employ, in equal numbers, both men and women who together better serve our customers and community.

Our position on mental health and wellbeing

Tennyson Suite considers the mental, as well as physical health of its employees, ensuring the wellbeing of our team is high on our agenda.

We are spearheading mental health strategies for our employees, training key members of our staff as Mental Health First Aiders.

Our position on quality

We are committed as an organisation to drive quality throughout the business, in its policies, processes and procedures and ensuring that our customers receive the level of service which they expect, and we resoundingly deliver.

We are accredited by our appointed external, independent auditing organisation, BSI, to ISO:9001-2015 (for our quality management), ISO:14001-2015 (showing our commitment to environmental management), and ISO45001 (confirming our continuous improvement in health and safety compliance management).

Our impact from our activities, on the environment

Tennyson Suite’s impact on climate change and sustainability feature enormously on business resilience of the organisation. All gas-powered heating has been removed from our new office, replacing it with air-conditioning heating and cooling, so reducing our carbon footprint at our workplace. To compliment the improvements at the office, we are investing in firstly, petrol rather than diesel vans, then change to petrol/electric hybrid and finally electric in 2026 and 2030, respectively.

Our policy on modern slavery

Tennyson Suite’s core values are founded on the principles of ethical business behaviour and the management fully embrace the “Stronger Together” initiative tackling modern slavery, particularly hidden forced labour, labour trafficking, and other hidden exploitation of workers.

Our position on the UK Prompt Payment Code

Tennyson Suite Limited recognises that fair and transparent payment practices are essential to achieve a successful working relationship, on all of our projects.

By working with our clients, consultants, contractors and sub-contractors together in good faith and in a spirit of mutual trust and respect, Tennyson Suite Limited will meet its “Fair Payment” commitments set out in this Policy and which are detailed below:

  • Consultants, contractors and sub-contractors shall have the right to receive correct and full payment in accordance with our terms and conditions of trading. These essentially being as follows:
    • Tennyson Suite Limited operates on a 30 day payment policy whereby those invoices being submitted on or before the last day of the month shall be paid on the last day of the following month.
    • Invoices submitted after the last day of the month shall not be allocated into our accounting system until the next ‘last day’ of the month and therefore shall not be paid until the following last day of the month
    • It is therefore essential that all members of the supply chain ensure that correct invoices are submitted on or before the last day of the month in order that their payments are received on time.
  • The process shall be transparent in order that members of the supply chain have certainty of how much money shall be paid and when they will be paid.
  • Consultants, contractors and sub-contractors shall consider, where appropriate, operating their contracts with Tennyson Suite Limited on an ‘open book’ basis in order that transparency is maintained between both parties.
  • The correct payment shall represent the work properly and completely carried out, or products supplied in good order and to the right quantity, in accordance with the contract or particular order with Tennyson Suite Limited.
  • Where retentions arrangements are required by the client, Tennyson Suite Limited shall replicate these arrangements on the same contract terms throughout the supply chain.
  • Any withholding of payment due to defects or non-delivery of goods, services or products shall be proportionate and demonstrably justified in line with the arrangements made at the time of ordering, signing and exchanging of contracts, or other terms and conditions agreed in writing at the point of purchase.
  • To ensure effective and equitable cash flow for all parties involved, all contracts and projects shall provide for regular payments and equitable payment periods.
  • Tennyson Suite Limited is committed to avoiding payment delays and to this end, shall request that clients and all supply chain members agree to the payment procedures from the outset of their contracts.
  • Payments shall be made by electronic BACS transfer only.
  • Credit card payments to Tennyson Suite Limited shall not be accepted.
    • Tennyson Suite Limited does however permit Directors to pay for items for Company use by personal credit card; reimbursement being forthcoming at the end of each month.
  • Tennyson Suite Limited’s Payment Policy shall form part of the Terms and Conditions of Trading and shall be brought to the attention of our clients and all members of the supply chain at the point of sale or contract award.
  • All existing and potential clients as well as consultants, contractors and sub-contractors can request our Payment Policy by calling our Office on 01273 646737 – or by email to accounts@tennyson-suite.co.uk
  • Monitoring of this Policy shall be undertaken on a six-monthly basis on the production of interim accounts.
  • Where non-compliance with this Payment Policy is identified, Tennyson Suite Limited shall immediately take action to rectify the non-conformance, revisit its procedures and take the appropriate action in order to prevent such a re-occurrence in the future.
  • This Policy shall remain in place unless and until legislation requires the senior management to change its Policy to meet the minimum standard by law.

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