CDM Advice to Clients, Designers, and the Principal Designer

In April 2015, the role of CDM-C changed. The new rules meant less projects will be notifiable and the role of the CDM Co-ordinator was no longer be required.

The duties of the CDM Co-ordinator however have not been removed but re-assigned to the role of the Principal Designer.

The Principal Designer's role is not to design, however, to ensure that the health and safety of all persons likely to be affected by the design, are not put at risk during the life cycle of the building or structure.

Working alongside our clients in the military, central government, heritage and conservation, hospitality, retail, housing, and commercial sectors, Tennyson Suite has the depth and breadth of experience in providing CDM Advice, including fire safety in design and construction to clients and designers, who themselves have self-appointed or been appointed to undertake the statutory duties of the Designer and Principal Designer.

Like all aspects of health and safety, if approached correctly the latest regulations should not be feared or feel onerous and the highly trained and experienced teams are on hand to provide the expert guidance and support that you need to successfully complete your projects.

If you need a CDM Adviser, please contact us - we shall be delighted to help.

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